12 Low-Maintenance Plants for Your Living Room

From promoting a positive wellness, to naturally detoxifying the air, plants can be essential in improving your indoor rooms. For apartment or condo dwellers, nonetheless, the task of maintaining a plant to life is discouraging. The restricted room as well as lack of all-natural light can be a death penalty for lots of plants, and also the quantity of upkeep can really feel frustrating. But do not cross plant-ownership off your listing fairly yet. Right here, we break down 12 hard plants that can prosper in mostly all residences.


The Pothos plant can be hung from a basket or potted usually, as well as can thrive in a wide range of lights. They are also recognized for their air-purification residential properties as well as can remove your home of toxic substances that are understood to create in carpets and carpets.

Iron Plant

The iron plant can survive in reduced light, poor soil, as well as with very little water, making it among the most durable indoor plants. The deep environment-friendly fallen leaves also produce a spectacular pop of shade in your house.

Fiddle Fallen Leave Fig

The fiddle leaf fig is excellent for apartment or condos with high ceilings yet minimal floor space. The plant is high yet not bushy, and flaunts waxy, dark green fallen leaves. It calls for medium light, but only needs to be sprinkled when the soil is dry to the touch.

Tranquility Lily

If you have a bad practice of eliminating delicate lilies, you’re most likely to have better good luck with the tranquility lily. This plant can survive in very dim setups (ideal if your house faces one more building and not the open skies), and only needs watering once a week. Peace lilies will also grow well under fluorescent lights, making them an excellent choice for restrooms or offices with little light.


They’re cool as well as non-fussy, as well as are probably the poster plants for non-garden settings. Cacti only need watering as soon as a week while expanding, however throughout cooler weather in the winter season, sprinkling periods might be longer. Area in a sunny location yet stay out of direct sunshine, which can make the cactus appearance blonde or even orange. Cacti have an irresistibly special aesthetic that mixes with a series of apartment or condo styles, from bohemian to contemporary.

Serpent Plant

This succulent is exceptionally difficult and also can make it through nearly any kind of setting. The serpent plant has hard fallen leaves that can tolerate low light (though it’ll flourish most in medium or intense light). Water sometimes, permitting the soil to dry in between waterings. The plant grows finest in typical interior temps– in between 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lucky Bamboo

lucky bamboo

Image Source: indiamart.com

If you wish to add plant to the darker parts of your apartment or condo, fortunate bamboo is your perfect plant. It prospers in dim, indirect sunshine as well as can add a major sense of feng shui as well as zen to your house– fairly helpful for apartments in busy cities. Expand lucky bamboo in water, altering the H20 every two to 4 weeks.

Weeping Fig

It might be a weeping fig, however maybe an eco-friendly vignette of joy in your home. These little trees can add the essential quantity of environment-friendly most of us require for a little area, and just call for watering every 4 to seven days. Place in a window that gets brilliant, indirect sunlight, turning the plant every now and then to stay clear of unwanted of growth on one side.

Aloe Vera

With interior aloe vera, you’ll have instant medicine on hand for scrapes and also burns, plus a fashionable, spiky design thing for your kitchen area or living room. Maintain it near a window and water frequently, permitting the leading 2 inches of dirt to dry between waterings (which also indicates you can take place holiday and also not come residence to sagging aloe).

African Violets

These appealing flowers add a brilliant shade of purple to your indoor style, as well as are just one of minority blooming plants that need little care. Your only responsibility? Water your African violets when a week, however avoid getting H20 on the leaves, which can create water spots.

Paddle Plants

The paddle plant is a succulent with an unique form and also non-fussy demands for treatment. Like various other succulents, it grows finest when subjected to intense light as well as also some straight light (however the more it’s subjected to sun, the much more its leaves will turn a tint of red). This plant does well in interior settings, holding up against dry air also when you crank up the warmth in your house throughout the cold weather. Allow the leading 2 inches of dust to completely dry in between waterings.


This is a staple interior plant that is wonderful for home residents due to the fact that it’ll inform you specifically what it wants. As an example: Is your philodendron turning yellow? That implies it’s getting too much sunshine. Area in a location with bright however indirect light. Is it growing little leaves? That means it wants more fertilizer. Feed it a liquid vegetation houseplant plant food with macronutrients, and also enable one inch of dirt to completely dry (regarding the length from your index finger to your first knuckle) in between waterings.


It may be an unconventional interior plant, but a pot of lavender will certainly add a pop of color as well as refresh your home much better (as well as far more naturally) than a daily air freshener. Lavender does best in brilliant light, so area it near a south-facing window that welcomes in lots of sunshine. Smaller sized varieties of lavender are much better for the inside your home– they expand better in a pot as well as can be put under a grow light if you do not have sufficient sunlight in your house.

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