Asbestos Self-Removal: Do or Don’t?

Asbestos Dilemma

There are a lot of asbestos removal services which are available and easy for you to reach. Due to the health hazard, most people including you are probably thinking and planning to remove the asbestos product. You may think to remove it by yourself. But, can you do that safely? Is it legal for you to remove it by yourself? Whatever you do, it is important to remember that even asbestos self-removal work must follow the applicable regulation. Mishandling them can lead you to spend a lot of money than hiring a contractor itself. You should avoid the risk by handling the asbestos product carefully.

Asbestos removal contactor worker in Sydney

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People are often feeling terrified when they figure out that their homes are filled with asbestos products. Yes, it is dangerous to keep asbestos in your house which has deadly effects on health. The asbestos dust can cause anyone into the serious illness which includes mesothelioma and asbestosis. It can also create lung cancer by simply inhaling the dust. This type of cancer that affected by asbestos is dangerous. That is why to avoid such drama; it will be much better to lend the job to a professional contractor.

Handling asbestos can be complicated. You have to prepare a lot of things in order to get it right. At first, you have to figure out how to remove the product properly and safely. Then, you must educate yourself to remove it in the right way. However, before you can do the actual work, you must prepare all required equipment and tools. And again, all preparations must go under the applicable regulation.

According to the regulations in Australia, you can remove the non-friable asbestos product by yourself within 10 square metres. If it is larger from that size, you must hire a professional removalist to do it for you. Especially when you are facing the friable asbestos product. Only a certified removalist can uninstall it legally no matter how large the product is.

Look at the list below to learn about few things you have to remember when you are planning to deal an asbestos product.

Federal Requirements

It will be better to leave asbestos product to stay untouched than removing it according to the applicable law. Any movement of the asbestos product may increase the health risk. However, at the same time, it is still best for people to uninstall the product completely from their houses. No one will ever know exactly when will the asbestos product gets damaged or weathered. In other words, the risk is always higher when you still have asbestos product inside your house.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advised people to rely on professional services in removing the asbestos product. People should avoid more contamination of asbestos dust across the house with a proper removal work.

Local Legalities

Every city will probably have different regulations about asbestos removal policies. However, the Government of Australia has stated that the asbestos self-removal for homeowners can only be done for less than 10 square metres. You also have to finish the removal work with the proper disposal process later. You should understand that asbestos waste must be dumped in the authorised landfill only.

That’s why asbestos self-removal is quite complicated. You have to do every work properly including the disposal process of asbestos waste. You have to take the waste safely to the legal landfill. It is strictly prohibited to dispose of the waste in your regular garbage bin. That why I will suggest you folk especially NSW resident to start considering looking information about asbestos removal Sydney cost or review online.

Now pay attention to these following points to prevent yourself from mishandling the product!

  • Permits Required: You have to receive permission from the local council to do all kinds of demolition work on your house. This permission also consists of asbestos removal work. Go to the local council for more information about this.
  • Proper Disposal: As mentioned above, you are strictly prohibited from dumping asbestos in your house garbage bin. Take the contaminated wastes to an authorised facility.
  • Single Family: Asbestos self-removal is highly allowed to be delivered to a single family residence, such as houses, detached garages, houseboats, mobile homes, and mother in law or detached guest houses to prevent any contamination.
  • Residential Only: Asbestos self-removal is basically available for residential purposes only. If the building is a commercial property, a certified removalist must deliver the work.